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It’s the only tough off-road SUV of Ford in China-Ford Everest U375


Since the pre-sale started from April 25, 2020 Ford Everest quickly swept the domestic tough off-road SUV market and became popular among massive off-road lovers. New Everest is kick the market on July 17, with the leading 2.3T + 10AT as the core, bringing more tough American-style off-road experience.

80 Years’ Off-road Gene

In the 116 years’ history of Ford brand, “exploration” and “reclamation” are the key words.

In 1913, insisting on the thought of “enabling ordinary people to be able to drive cars”, Henry Ford and his team invented the first car production line in the world, which shortened the manual production time of 728 hours per unit to 12.5 hours. Ford T car was honored as the first-generation national car, and gained over 15 million orders worldwide.

In 1941, with its strong mass production capability of industrial autos, Ford cooperated with Willys and manufactured the military scout car Ford GPW and Willys MB. Since then, Ford became the founder of all-terrain 4WD SUVs, and launched F-series off-road Pickup and medium-level Pickup Ranger, which have been recognized as the most popular vehicles for 38 consecutive years in the United States.

In Ford SUV family, there are many models that were expanded from Ranger platform, but with different styles. The first-generation Explorer was a pure off-road SUV, the second and third generation focused more on comfort and space, the fourth and fifth generation Crossover FWD compromised the tough characteristics, the sixth generation transformed from off-road SUV to urban SUV.

However, Ford Everest, which was expanded from the second-generation Ranger platform, has been insisting on the tough off-road SUV segment. If Ranger can be said to be the interpretation of “Build Ford Tough” spirit, Everest is the extension and re-evolution of Tough spirit in SUV segment.

The first-generation Everest was quite popular in Southeast Asian markets since launch in 2003 with 2.5L diesel and 2.6L gasoline engines. Until 2015, the third-generation Ford Everest was introduced to China.

2020 Ford Everest was equipped with the brand new 2.3T+10AT powertrain. The fourth generation 2.3L EcoBoost GTDi engine was upgraded from one of the 2020 top ten Ward’s engines. After special calibration, the engine can achieve the maximum power of 202kW and maximum torque of 455Nm. The 10AT transmission was also equipped in Raptor, which was co-developed by Ford and GM, with well-recognized reliability and fuel economy.

Right Tough off-road SUV

Everest’s fording depth can reach the 800mm, which was among the leading level in the segment. 227mm ground clearance, 29.5 degree approach angle and 25 degree departure angle can guarantee the perfect passing ability.

As the inheritor of 80-year Ford off-road gene, Everest owns its key gene technology, TMS. The advanced system can provide four driving modes, including road, snowy road/muddy road/grass land, sand land and mountains.

Well-equipped Entertainment Devices

With strong Ford Tough gene, Everest has provided off-road lovers with the unique American off-road experience, and more various and high-tech options with upgraded products.

While innovating its power system, 2020 Ford Everest highlights Sports elements. The “Everest” logo show the 17 years’ history and “10 SPEED AUTO” on fenders represents the soul of 2020 Ford Everest. Everest Sports is fashionable with more delicate front grille, newly-added welcome footstep, side-view mirror cover, fender grille, and bright black 20-inch wheel hub.

The entertainment system supports intelligent voice control, through which you can check the weather and air ticket information, as well as control AC. Foot-kicking power rear door, automatic parking, seat heating, air filter and other advanced functions can better satisfy your daily demands.

Everest Home Fully Planned

2020 Ford Everest Kicking Market

Besides the product upgrade, 2020 Everest also provided sweet service plan in Tibet.

Tibet has been a popular destination for off-road lovers because of its beautiful and exciting natural scenery. However, difficulties in entering Tibet has been their pains. With the launch of 2020 Ford Everest, “Everest Home” stations shall be built along the main roads to Tibet and provide material, accommodation and rescue service for massive off-road lovers.


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